​Q: There are a dozen or so “Tier-1 Operators” out there who are offering training, why should we choose Bobcat?

  • A: It’s true there are several very highly qualified trainers out there. Many are good shots and still compete. Some possess the institutional knowledge and background required to bring you to the next level. Some are good trainers and mentors. Everyone at Bobcat is an expert at all of the above. We are relevant, and continually work to remain so.  

Q: I’m just starting out. Is it worth my money to hire your company, when all I really need is some basic training?  

  • A: Any successful practitioner of any discipline will tell you it’s all about mastering the basics. As a company this is one of our core philosophies. We would highly recommend you contact us if you are just starting out. If you master the basics in the beginning you will have a more enjoyable shooting experience in the long run, and probably save a bunch of ammo along the way.  

Q: What can a Law Enforcement Agency or Military unit get out of training with Bobcat that they can’t get from some of the other vendor?

  • A: Again, there are a lot of people out there with good things to offer. At Bobcat, our CEO demands the highest standards from all Bobcat instructors. He personally matches instructors to clients based on skill level, and training objectives. We have proven we know what right looks like, and we know how to lead, coach, train and mentor students. Most of us have been doing it in combat for the last decade, and our collective record speaks for itself.  

Q: I’m confident in my skills, weapons and equipment. Shouldn’t I spend my money on ammo and range fees and just practice more as opposed to formal instruction?

  • A: Practice does make perfect, but perfect practice is the fastest way to perfection. The best way to achieve that is to have someone grade your homework. Bobcat experts can show how to train more efficiently, which will reduce the amount of ammo and time you expend, and most likely make you better in end. Remember if you grade your homework, you’ll probably get straight A’s.  

Q: What am I getting for my training dollars?

  • A: At Bobcat, we will construct a program of instruction that is tailor-made for you. We guarantee it will be as efficient as it is comprehensive. We will not waste your time, because we pride ourselves on not only knowing how to shoot, but how to train. We will show you how to do it, and explain why that method works. Our mission is not to make clones, but to make you better at what you do.  

Q: Do you have particular weapons or disciplines you specialize in?

  • A: If it has a trigger and sights, someone at Bobcat can teach you how to shoot it. We can also teach you how to command and control a crisis situation or splint a broken bone. Bottom-line, if you want to be better at anything on our training page, give us a call. If it’s not on the list, give us a call anyway, chances are we can point you in the right direction.